June 26, 2017 (6 weeks)

Advanced Project: Social Media Management for Apollo Language Center

Professional Experience Program: Gain real-world work experience. Join a virtual team and jump into the role of a Social Media Manager for Apollo English Language Center in Dublin, Ireland

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Gain first-hand virtual team experience and sharpen your virtual collaboration skills alongside with marketing and social media competencies in this real-world project. The 6-week program lets you perform in a team of 4-5 international students. With the support of a marketing educator and under the critical eye of a business professional this real-world training lets you create meaningful results. Estimate an average work load of 4-6 hours per week.


Why take this program?

This program is relevant to university students and recent graduates, who wish to expand their skills-sets for a marketing, social media and communication career in service industries such as tourism or education. Based on your theoretical marketing, communication and business knowledge this program lets you develop the skills relevant in today┬┤s labour market. The combination of a real-world project, virtual team collaboration, coaching elements and interaction with experienced marketing professionals makes this training setting highly effective. And last but not least, the successful completion of the program leads to more than just another certificate. You receive an personal and detailed letter of reference confirming the skills and skill levels demonstrated, your role and contribution to the team and noteworthy overall performance.

Prerequisites and Requirements

Program entry knowledge requirements

  • Marketing or communication knowledge: This program is designed for senior students and recent graduates in the fields of business, management, marketing or communication. We expect an in-depth theoretical understanding in either marketing, communication or social media topics typically achieved in a minimum of 100-120 learning hours or approx. 4-5 ECTS. 
  • English: The program language is English. You should be able to express yourself orally and in writing in the topics covered in this program. We strongly recommend an English level B1 as a minimum. Please be aware that you will be working in a small team and you will be expected to actively participate in virtual team meetings.

Program entry system requirements

  • Fast and stable internet connection that allows for video streaming and virtual meetings (Skype / Google Hangout)
  • Skype account (free account is sufficient, no payable add-ons needed)
  • Google+ account (free account is sufficient)

Program participation

The program takes 6 weeks. Estimate a work load of 4-6 hours per week. There is a high level of timely flexibility in the program. However, there will be 3-5 video meetings, in which your participation is desired. To a large extent, you and your team are autonomous in scheduling such fixed meeting points. Some of the virtual meetings will be recorded and made accessible to you and the team on the collaboration platform as well.

Access to our collaboration platform and personal data protection

With your program enrolment we will send you an invitation to Basecamp, our collaboration platform. The invitation link will be sent to the email you share with us. This email address along with your first and last name will be visible for other team members (students, instructors and Dual admin staff) in your cohort.

Program Structure

This program has a duration of 6 weeks. Estimate a work load of 4-6 hours per week. The program is based on a real-world project and based on a virtual team collaboration setting allowing to develop collaboration skills, practice your business English, the use of real-world communication and collaboration tools together with the development of your disciplinary skills in marketing, communication and social media management.

Successful completion of the program

The program is successfully completed if you fulfill all the tasks in due time and according to the minimum outcome expectations. These are evaluated by your instructors. Task expectations are always indicated and our instructors are accessible to clarify questions and support you. The successful completion is acknowledged and certified to you with a detailed letter of reference confirming the skills and skill levels demonstrated, your role and contribution to the team and noteworthy overall performance.


After successfully completing this program you will have the following qualification(s):

Skill EQF level
Build and execute social media content and campaigns 4
Set up and optimize company pages on social media platforms 4
Generate, edit, publish and share social media content 4
Moderate user-generated content 4
Create editorial calendars and syndication schedules 4
Define and specify room of improvement by capturing and analyzing appropriate social data/metrics 4
Ability to see and understand the different viewpoints caused by diversity as an enrichment 5
Create new and worthwhile ideas (both incremental and radical concepts) 5
Inspire others to reach their very best via example and selflessness 5
Approach the opinions of others with an open mind and engage in constructive dialogue 5


Starts June 26, 2017 and takes 6 weeks to complete
  • Pre-Program: Access to Basecamp (collaboration platform) approx. 3-4 days prior to start of the program.
  • Week 1: Program Exposure (virtual meeting), team formation tasks, 1st set of project tasks, project introduction
  • Week 2: Start of team interaction and 1st team results presented to practitioner
  • Week 3: 2nd set of project tasks, individual practitioner feedback, self-assessment, team meeting with educator
  • Week 4: 2nd team results presented to practitioner, progress report
  • Week 5: 3rd set of project tasks, team meeting with educator
  • Week 6: final pitch to instructors, review
  • Post-Program: Qualification and letters of reference handed out to team members


Executive Mentors and Dual Coaches

A team of industry professionals and educators

This program is co-moderated by a team of Dual Coaches, Executive Mentors and Career Development Specialists. Our coaches are educators from universities and business schools, they take a supporting role and guide you through the program. The mentors are business leaders and professionals with expertise in the fields relevant to this program. They carry the practical approach into the learning arena and evaluate your work and your performance from a real-world management perspective. And our career development specialists are here to assist you in your quest to make yourself visible in the labour market, build your own brand and promote yourself to future employers. Together, this team is dedicated to boost your start into a successful business career.

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